The Revival of Philosemitism in Europe

    closeportrait_l2011By Endre (Andre) MOZES *                       

beside sincere Holocaust remembrance and vigilance against Antisemitism,
we  should pay more attention to rich traditions and future potentials of Philosemitism;
good coexistence, cooperation and friendships between Jews and gentiles – in the right proportions

Our Philosemitism Forum’s – and this website’s – purpose is not at all to forget the Holocaust or deny the existence of Antisemitism**; we do not say that Philosemitism is the ruling sentiment. What we do say is that, we should keep in mind and foster the good sides of Jewish-gentile coexistence too, because they are also true, and they are the hope.  

Yes, this website is about Philosemitism – a word almost forgotten – and not about Antisemitism**, everywhere spoken about. Philosemitism has many meanings, even contradictory ones; we selected and shall speak about the meaning of good coexistence, mutual interest in each other, dialogue, useful cooperation and even friendship between Jews and non-Jews.***      [Attention: we’ve redefined the word Philosemitism; we use its positive meanings only – as Wikipedia also does – and ousted the old negative versions; the usage of the word had faded out anyway. ]

This website is the internet gateway of Philosemitism and our relating projects; researching, re-introducing and reviving in Europe this word and this concept.  Our practical goal is, to raise awareness of the better sides of coexistence between Jews and non-Jews – we call Philosemitism – and to promote it in practice; first in East-Central Europe, then in entire Europe.


The title page

We are doing a series of research projects and popular-scholarly books in Europe to promote this concept.   Our greatest achievement till now is the first book of the series published:  “Ki szereti a zsidókat? A magyar filoszemitizmus”  /  – (Who likes the Jews? Hungarian Philosemitism – Endre MOZES at al., Noran Libro, Budapest 2014,  368pp ). Beside my several own writings I invited renowned contemporary Hungarian co-authors who wrote about as many aspects of the subject.**** A score of favourable media reflections has been received and, even more significantly, actual applications in education – like in the mandatory course of Holocaust education in the Pazmany Peter Catholic University of Hungary – are in progress. But of course still a long way to go until philosemitism becomes a household word – and value – in Hungary and elsewhere.

The revised English version of this book is ready and international publication is  being sought. Publication is scheduled in the second half of 2020.

Similar research takes place about further similar projects in that region , with outstanding partners in Poland the Czech and Slovak Republics; but recently also into the past and present coexistence, or philosemitism, in several Western European countries  too. Much more common, than usually assumed.

The first reaction to our projects is, usually, surprise: Why Philosemitism??? We hear more about Antisemitism, don’t we?
                                                                                                                                                        Read more… 

*E. Mozes, d-05, 2016Jan16
** Out of the numerous existing spellings we knowingly prefer ‘Antisemitism’ and ‘Philosemitism’.
*** Based also on Wikipedia

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